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Digitween™ is a Flat Classroom® Project run by the Flat Classroom Conference nonprofit (a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation)

Welcome to a leading global hands-on digital citizenship project! As part of Digitween you will experience the collaboration, networking, and learning found while using social media (Edmodo) and collaborative writing (the Wiki) to connect and experience digital citizenship.
This is the NEW Digiteen project for students under 13 years of age.

Teacher Information

Schools and Countries

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Country, School and Teachers
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Virgin Islands Montessori School and International Academy
Gil Anspacher
18, ages 12-14
International Baccalaureate,
Middle Years Program Level 3, Grade 8 Technology class

VIMSIA Action Projects
The Wellington School
Ohio, USA
Helen McConaghy
Skype ID: mcconaghy2
The Wellington School.png

Wiki A - Period 5/6 Action Projects
Wiki B - Period 7 Action Projects
Wiki C - Period 4 Action Projects
Blue Ridge School Distric
Pennsylvaina, USA
Gail Wnorowski
Blue Ridge School Districtexternal image logo.gif

A school built on mutual respect and
committed to student success

Oak Prairie School
Illinois, USA
Lynn Jankowski
6 students, age 11
Academically Talented 6th grade class
Skype ID: lynn.jankowski1
Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 12.58.30 PM.png

Wiki B -- AT Girls Action Project
Wiki B -- AT Boys Action Project
Catalyst Charter Middle School
Sandy Wisneski
skype ID:stampcat2

"Thinking, Creating, Collaborating"

and Respect

Online Safety

Cultural Awareness
Singapore American School
Susan Shaw
25 students, age 10-11

Cultural Etiquette and Habits of Learning
Literacy and Fluency
Etiquette and Respect
Hewitt Trussville Middle School
Trussville, Alabama
Erin McGuyer
Skype ID: Erin McGuyer
htms logo.jpg

Safety-1st period
Etiquette and Respect-1st period
Habits of Learning
Literacy and Fluency
Safety-2nd period
Etiquette and Respect-2nd period
The Barstow School
Kansas City, MO
Kelly Finn
48 Students, 7th Grade

Cathedral of St. Raymond School
Joliet, IL, USA
Ryan Wolcott, Theresa Allen
54 students, 7th grade
tower logo.JPG

Class 7-1
Class 7-2
Cajon Valley Home School
El Cajon, CA
6th, 7th & 8th grade
CajonValley Home School Logo.png

Digiteen 12-2 Participating Schools

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Are you interested in joining a Digitween Project in the Future? Information right now is found under the Digiteen umbrella.

For more about the pedagogy and benefits of adding global collaboration to your curriculum, Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds; Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time, by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, from Pearson Publishing. www.flatclassroombook.com